Maybe you want to take a break from watching movies and series online free and you want to spend a few minutes reading our article because we are talking a little bit about 5Movies and the most important infos that you should know about since you visited our website. Reading the text will only take you a couple mins and you'll end up knowing more things about online streaming.

5Movies is a completely free streaming platform with a database full of good movies and series in HD 720p quality. We thought ever since the beginning that everyone should have the right to watch movies and shows online free on the streaming sites as long as they already pay for an internet subscription every month. We, just like you, used to watch movies on the free sites but we were disappointed by the quality of the video files and we knew that we are able to offer something better, and that's how 5Movies was born but more info about our old story in the words below.

5Movies is now running on a custom made design theme that might look a bit familiar to you because, honestly, we've inspired from 123Movies which is the best design ever made for a free streaming website and works perfectly for all the users. We have our own personalized logo and color-scheme so you can't confuse 5Movies with other sites. We now have two search forms that can help you find your favorite movies more easily. All the buttons have been placed in handy spots and you can access them more effectively. Our database is well structured with filters and tags for genres, release years, country, network, actors, director and more so you can browse through our collection with just a few clicks.

The Story of 5Movies

The old fans of our streaming platform might remember the fact that we had a different name in the past and 5Movies is the latest brand name. So, we've been through a few rebrandings during our lifetime in the online streaming industry and 5Movies used to be called Movie25 or ThinklePad in the past. Some problems, penalities and Google's algorithm updates made us to change our address more than once and maybe this will happen again in the future but this is not a problem because the visitors will always be redirected to our current official website so they can keep watch movies and series for free without registration even if we change our web domain.

The beginning of 5Movies was about 10 years ago and it was quite rough because we were also beginners in this industry so we had to learn everything from scratches. It wasn't easy, but after one or two years we get used to how things work and we started to be able to permanently publish high quality movies and series that can be watched by people from all around the world with an internet access for free without being necessary to create an account. We did a really great job and people started to love 5Movies and to keep coming here to watch their favorite movies and shows online and that's how 5Movies became a very popular streaming platform with millions of visitors every month. It took us years of hard work but we are now very happy to enjoy the results and achievements.

5Movies now has a database which includes more than 12.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes available for free in HD quality. This is one of the biggest collections that you will ever see on a free streaming platform like ours. This collection is the result of hard years of work because all the movies and episodes have been added manually by our team to make sure that every file meets all our requirements and has a very high quality so the users can have the best experience while watching content on 5Movies. If you like our streaming website and you want to motivate us to keep doing this job and uploading HD movies and series, please don't forget to bookmark 5Movies and share it on your social media accounts so more people will discover this platform.